Aeolian Island Trek

An half or full day excursion to discover the wonders of one of the most beautiful islands of the Aeolian archipelago, Vulcano island, a UNESCO heritage site since 2000.

  • An amazing view over the Aeolian Islands
  • Visit of World Heritage Site (UNESCO)
  • A wonderful sunset (only for the sunset session)
  • Paths along geological sites
  • Prehistoric sites
  • Cliffs overlooking the sea
  • The scents of the Mediterranean woods
  • The Great Crater of Vulcano (Only if it allowed, read description)
  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • 4x4 Transport
Not included
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Lunch Box
Duration3 Hours 18 Minutes or 6 Hours
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
Important information

To confirm your booking you will pay a deposit. You will pay the rest to the guide on place the day of excursion. You can get a refund of the deposit canceling up to 24 hours before the excursion.


Please arrive at the meeting point that you will find in the booking confirmation email, at least 10 minutes before the start of the excursion.

Isola di vulcano, Vulcano Porto, ME, Italia
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The Island of Wonders, Escursioni in Sicilia
98055 - Vulcano Porto

Further information

The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is an island arc made up of 7 emerged volcanic islands and 8 seamounts and is approximately 200 km long. Unesco heritage since 2000, the Aeolian Islands are a unique natural spectacle.

The island of Vulcano is one of the three volcanically still active islands. From the top of the Grand Cratere you can experience one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world, but that is not all: you will admire unique geological phenomena, that have shaped the places and landscapes of this marvelous pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. Below we propose 2 different itineraries, one half day (3h30min) and one full day (about 6h), to satisfy the needs of adventure and discovery of everyone. Both itineraries include approaches on 4x4 vehicles and short trekking lasting a maximum of 2 hours. To participate you will have to reach a meeting point in the center of the island of Vulcano where you will find the guide. As mentioned, the exploration of the island of Vulcano can take place in half or full day. With the half way we will go to discover the most suggestive naturalistic sites, with the full way we will be able to explore the mos of the island. Below is a list of the sites that it will be possible to reach based on the chosen duration, weather and volcanic conditions:

VULCANELLO (Visit duration 1-hour)*

Vulcanello is the youngest crater on the island of Vulcano. Originally separated from the island, it later joined thanks to a series of eruptions that created an isthmus. We will reach the base of the volcanic cone in a off-road mode, from there a 15-minute trek will take us to the edge of the crater, where we will walk along enjoying a breathtaking view.

VALLE ROJA (Visit duration 3h30min)*

We enter in the wild heart of Volcano island with a trek in the Valle Roja canyon, where we will discover the layers of volcanic ash that have formed the substrate of the island. Walking along this tuff canyon, we will admire beautiful chromatic contrasts and bizarre shapes modeled by water erosion, passing by Palizzi cave until reach the only source of spring water on the island. Geological phenomena and a nice natural environment will surround you during this trek. Also here the approach will be via 4x4 vehicles and trek to reach the spring water.

MONTE SARACENO (Visit duration 1-hour)*

Monte Saraceno is the second highest peak on the island. It is a volcanic cone with an elegant pyramid shape, that we will reach in off-road mode on a 4by4 vehicle. From the summit we will enjoy a beautiful panorama over the island of Vulcano, with the various cinder cones, eruptions and rift created over the years. The panorama of the Gran Cratere, seen from behind, is also very particular, as well as the view of the coast and the mountains of Northern Sicily with Etna dominating behind the Nebrodi Mountains.

GROTTA DEI ROSSI (Visit duration 1-hour)*

From nature we move on historical and cultural matters with the Rossi caves. Many theories revolve around the origin and use of them. Probably these are prehistoric caves where signs of anthropomorphization are still visible, the dating is uncertain. The small windows open onto the sea are very suggestive, including a wonderful arch with a view of Panarea. We will reach this site mostly by 4x4 vehicle, a very short walk is required to reach the caves.

BOSCO DI LUCCIA & PUNTA LUCCIA (Visit duration 2h30min)*

The suggestion of a pine and eucalyptus forest on a volcanic island in the Mediterranean, can only trigger unique olfactory and visual sensations. And that's exactly what happens along this wonderful path, you will be enraptured! Even more when from the woods we will sight a ridge of volcanic rock dive into the sea: this is Punta Luccia. Suddenly we will surrounded by a Martian volcanic landscape, made up of colors and stratifications of rare beauty. For this itinerary is planning to reach the access to the path with a 4x4 vehicle to go on feet up to Punta Luccia.

GRAN CRATERE (Visit duration 2h30min)* (Not Available)**

Finally the trek at the Gran Cratere della Fossa, where we will discover the characteristics of an active volcanic crater. From the top and from safe distance we will observe: fumarolic activity and the sulfur crystallizations of an active crater. Here the approach will be on a 4x4 vehicle and then with a 45-minute trek we will reach the summit area. This trek takes place in the late afternoon to enjoy the magical Aeolian sunset.

**Why the Great Crater is not available?

Since 1 September 2022, due to strong emissions of gases the Gran Cratere della Fossa has been closed to visits. Any type of visit or excursion to the crater is prohibited until further notice. Penalty up to € 500 for transgressors, as well as the risk of serious consequences to health following the inhalation of lethal gases such as carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide. The Island of Wonders team is constantly monitoring the situation, the itinerary will be available again as soon as the authorities guarantee the safety of the area.

*How to decide the stages of your tour?

The stages of this excursion depend primarily on the weather and volcanic conditions of the sites listed in this description. Use the duration of the visits indicated for each site, considering that the half-day excursion has a duration of 3h30min while the whole day approximately 6-hours, to understand what you can visit.

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