Kneeboard Adventure

The kneeboard adventure will take you to fly on the water pulled by a speedboat. You can choose board or sofa to surf on the water and live this funny experience.

  • Kneeboard course
  • Kneeboard flight on the water
  • Along the coast of Agrigento
  • Flight on towable sofa
  • All equipment included
  • Kneeboard course
  • Kneeboard or Towable sofa ride
  • Instructor
  • All equipment
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
Important information

To confirm your booking you will pay a deposit. You will pay the rest to the guide on place the day of excursion. You can get a refund of the deposit canceling up to 24 hours before the excursion.


Please arrive at the meeting point that you will find in the booking confirmation email, at least 10 minutes before the start of the excursion.

San Leone, AG, Italia
Parking available

Offered by

The Island of Wonders, Escursioni in Sicilia
- Villaggio Mosè

Further information

We are in San Leone, along the coast of Agrigento, this is not a place of only blue crystalline sea, but also a location with wonderful landscapes and naturalistic sites. Try to take a look to Scala dei Turchi boat tour or at the beautiful horseback ride to the Valley of Temples or also the boat tour in the WWF reserve of Torre Salsa. We get back to the kneeboard adventure and go on with description:


The kneeboard adventure opens with a short course about how use the board and towing cable, and all safety rules. The course will help you to live at the best this fantastic experience that bring you to surf on the water. The kneeboard is a board with two space in the upper part where you will put your knees blocked by anchor strings and a locking band. Well, we are ready! We just have to start surfing on the waves!


The adventure with towable sofa is a very fun experience. Unlike the Kneeboard, on the sofa you will be more comfortable, you will not need any course, just jump on sofa and begin to surf on the water. We recommend the sofa for who has back or joint problems, children or for those are a little scared by the idea of surfing on a board.

€10.00 €65.00
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